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Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF)

Waking Up To The Risks
Less than one generation ago, man did not have cell phones, computers, or live near high tension wires and our bodies were in balance with the earth’s natural frequencies. Electronic pollution has increased rapidly as we have increased our usage of television, radio and other electronic gadgets.
A great deal of research is now available that documents the negative impact that Electro Magnetic Frequencies
have on the human body but the general public are just waking up to this fact that they need to protect themselves from the pervasive presence of EMF in our modern society. The fact is the sources of EMF pollution have increased multifold just in our generation creates a major concern.

As creators of this problem we also have a responsibility to create solutions.
Our grandparents generation was not aware of the damaging and serious consequences of lengthy exposure to the suns rays. Our grandchildren will most likely say the same about us and the effects of electronic pollution. It is time to wake up and take a hard look at ways of solving the EMF problems modern society has created.  Here you will find over 25 pages of indepth research into the problems that EMF cause as well as an exploration of solutions we can use to protect ourselves from its dangers.

Looking For Answers
For our part Serenity Natural Health has been dedicated to creating healthier homes and life styles for some time. We test and evaluate products that can help to create healthier and more sustainable ways of living. When we became aware of the impacts of EMF on human health, we realized that we had to look into the problems it creates and possible solutions. Serenity Natural Health is one of the organisations that have been working on this pervasive problem for a number of years and we have been keeping abrest of thier ongoing research into this issure. As we investigate EMFs it seems that we are becoming more aware of the many issues and also of possible solutions every day. It became clear that we needed to educate the general public about the issues that surround EMF. It has also become clear that every one of us needed to take a proactive approach to reducing the impact of EMF on our health and wellbeing. This web site is dedicated to both EMF awareness and action.

We look for ways to reduce EMF in our immediate environment and this can be done, however realistically with all the sources from outside it is impossible to accomplish much more than a slight reduction in our exposures to EMF. We have looked into systems for shielding entire homes or offices but this is technology is very expensive and still under development. Some may choose to move well out into the country in an attempt to be further from the primary sources of the problem and to a small extent this could help. However we can not just turn back the clock or move away from EMF as it has become a global problem and reaches well into even remote areas of the planet. We have litterally filled our space with EMFs. So at this time reducing the risks depends primarily on providing ways of protecting ourselves personally from the harmful effects of this ever present problem.

Finding Solutions
This site examines the problem and explores personal solutions designed to protect individuals from the harmful effects of electronic pollution. We review, test and evaluate Bio Shields and recommend what we see as the best EMF protection technologies on the market. So far the two that stand out for us are the Bio Electric Shield and the Teslar Watch. Just as sunscreen reinforces and shields the skin from the harmful effects of the suns rays, bio shields can reinforce and shield the wearer from harmful effects of electronic pollution. To find our more about these products click on Solutions below.

Our team of reserachers continue to investigate and test ways and means of protecting humans at home, work and play from the negative effects of Electro Mangnetic Frequencies. So explore both the problems and the solutions described on this site, but you may also want to bookmark this page so you can keep in touch some new solutions we are currently investigating.



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