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The Bio Shields

The Solutions to reducing EMF exposures range from tearing walls appart to instll EMF shielding behind the wall surface to reduce EMF from internal wall wiring to elaborate and expensive phisical shileds for a structure. But these solutions do not travel with an individual and protect them from all EMF all day. We have identified two portable Bio shields that appear to be quite effective reducing the harmful effects of EMF exposure for individuals. The Bio Electric Shield and the Teslar Watch have earned our endorsement. They are both described in sections of this web site. To find out about either of them just follow the links below.

Bio Electric Shield

This is the number one portable Bio Electric Shield we have tested. This Bio Shield comes in the form of an attractive pendant which can be worn around your neck. Designed as a personal EMF shield the pendant encases a special matrix of crystals which refract a wide spectrum of EMF Frequencies. We used Kenicology tests to evaluate this product and found it to be highly effective for the vast majority of subjects tested. Follow this link to see a great deal of much more exhaustive research which came to the same conclusion as our findings.

The 1000-S Bio Shield made with Sterling Silver w/Brass Tabs has a Satin finish and costs $349.00 It is an excellent multi-purpose Shield, providing protection from all types of electromagnetic radiation as well as negative energy from people or places.

The 1000-P Sterling Silver w/Brass Tabs Polished finish is $369.00
it is the same shield as the 1000-S but the silver is polished to a mirror like finish. Both can be ordered by calling Serenity at 613-475-5655.

The word is spreading about the Bio Electric Shield. It is now used by a wide variety of professions to protect and enhance their personal energy.

Click here to learn more about the Bio Electric Shield.

Teslar Watch

Research - and 18 years of success - has proven the Teslar Watch to be an effective aid in helping people and animals resist the negative effects of this man-made electronic pollution. The TESLAR watch was designed to help the body reinforce its own electromagnetic field against the subtle effects of external, low-energy electromagnetic fields.

In the TESLAR watch there are two specially designed TESLAR chips. This innovative, state-of-the-art technology works with the watch's standard components:

1) The watch battery, which creates an electric field
2) The quartz-crystal timing coil, which creates a magnetic field

The TESLAR chips interact with these two fields repeatedly to cancel them, thus creating a zero-point waveform. This waveform is alive with checked and balanced energies. It is created in such a way that it mimics the earth's natural frequency and is then pulsed into the body, providing protective energy with the tick of every second.

We tested the Teslar over a five year period and our tests confirmed both the integrity and effectiveness of this product. . Follow this link to see more exhaustive research which came to the same conclusion as our findings.

This proactive approach has provided a highly successful personal solution to harmful effects of EMF exposure.

Click here see the Teslar story and to learn more about the Teslar Watch.

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