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We are best known for our Electromagnetic Scans of homes and businesses to help you identify EMF hot spots in you facilities. We recomend course of action that can help you reduce your exposures to EMF rediation. in every part of your life.

But we also help organisations create sustainablility plans that work. Ultimately we must look at all the impacts from each and every decision we make both as individuals and as organizations. Serenity has a team of sustainability consultants who can evaluate the current sustainability of your organization or product and make recommendations to improve operational approaches to improve your efficiency, health and sustainability.


SERENITY supports permaculture educational programs both for organizations and for individuals at facilities like the Earth Walk eco education center. SERENITY is investing both time and resources to teach people and organizations about sustainability.

Product Evaluation & Testing:

SERENITY is involved in many natural health projects and invest a great deal of time to evaluate and review new products and techniques that can enhance the healthy sustainability in our society.
We issue a “Green Leaf” rating for each product it reviews to reflect both its effectiveness and its impact on sustainability.
If you have a environmental product you would like to have considered for SERENITY endorsement and a “Green Leaf” rating please contact our office.

Marketing & Distribution
We demand quality, effectiveness from any products we endorse. However once we have identified a product or service that offers an effective solution to an eco/health issue then we can assist in the distribution and marketing of any “Green Leaf” endorsed product.

If you want to create a more healthy and sustainable future give us a call at 613-475-9900

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