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The BioElectric Shield
Customers Say...

Computer Users
Mental Health Professional
Health Professionals
Business Owners/Managers
Ex- Chronic Fatigue Sufferer's

"When I wear the Shield, I have more energy, greater clarity of thought and better perception."
Dannion Brinkley, New York Times Best Seller, Saved By the Light


Computer Users

"Really amazing. After years of suffering fatigue from fluorescent lights and computers, I suddenly have energy and ambition! Before, many days I just went home and went to bed. In the past month since I've been wearing the Shield, I've finally bought a computer for myself to use at home. Before the Shield, I would have never thought of getting a computer because I couldn't even recover from my daily use of computers at work. Now I can go home and work on my machine for an hour or so and many evenings still have enough energy to study for another hour!"
A. Hill, Lab Tech./UCLA

"Overall I feel balanced. I used to feel very drained, especially after working at my computer for more than an hour. I now feel a sense of comfort. I have been wearing my Shield for three years. I am always surrounded by computers. One day I forgot to wear it and wondered why I felt so tired. Now my motto is, "Don't leave home without it!"
K. Thies, Graphics Designer/Publicist, CO

"After working with computers all day, when I would get home at night I was exhausted. With the Shield, I am now alert and able to enjoy my evenings! Difficult situations bother me much's as if the negatively passes over me."
J. Rand , Video Tape Editor

"Since purchasing a Shield, I have noticed an improvement in my energy level. As a writer/author, I sit in front of a computer several hours a day. After about an hour, my ears start to feel full and I lose my hearing, necessitating leaving the computer. Even a monitor screen didn't help. After getting a Shield I was working on my computer without the Shield, when my ears began to feel full. I put on my Shield and within minutes my ears cleared. Now every time I sit in front of the computer, I make sure I am wearing my Shield." K. Montgomery, Author

"I am a programmer, working 7-8 hours per day in front of a screen. If I go on holiday, when I come back, by the end of the first day Iím drained and feel nauseous. But, when I wear a Shield I feel fine! Also, I really can go into shopping malls and stay as long as I want without feeling stressed and weak." Rod Ellis, London

"Generally I'm better able to concentrate and get my work done. I have 3 personal computers on my desk running all day. Often if I'm not wearing my Shield, I can't concentrate a full day and often get a headache." J.Arnow, Technical Writer, CA

"I have been wearing my Shield for around 1 year now. I originally bought the Shield due to "unfavorable" work conditions-air conditioning, no natural light, PC's everywhere . . . it was draining me and from about 2pm every day I would have little energy, feel dizzy and feel generally drained.I noticed an immediate effect with the Shield - I had energy again! And no dizzy spells! Definitely a worthwhile investment and I wouldnít do without it for the world. We returned to the Mind Body Spirit Festival this year so my partner could buy one too." D. Houghton, Leicester, England




"I received the Shield just after having a baby. I was exhausted and in a sleep - deprived fog. After wearing the Shield I felt less tired and wanted to raise my activity level. I suddenly forgot how tired I was! I also feel more relaxed now."
J.Goldman, Art therapist/Mother, MA




"My personal reaction to the Shield was a more even temperament. Usually a child's shriek would cause me to react violently, with my Shield in place, I hardly even notice. I also have increased stamina wearing the Shield." Rose-Mary

"I feel more balanced and centered. Things don't affect me on an emotional level as much as they used to." M. Thirwell, Housewife , CA

"My sinus - related travel problems were diminished; energy level more constant and unvarying during the trip. As a result of being more energized and even, I have been able to increase my productivity. I believe the Shield bolsters my immune system. I believe the Shield bolsters my immune system because I have healed myself of 2 respiratory infections without antibiotics."
A. Jenich, Graduate student/Mother, WI




"My energy level has increased. It is more balanced. I laugh a lot more and am empowered to let go of a lot of aggravation. I am more balanced in my attention. Jet lag was near non - existent. Confrontations, and anxiety were at the l west level I can remember. " C. Anderson

"I am able to "engage" the last reading group without being so tired. Less jet lag." R.Anderson, Teacher, CA

"The most dramatic changes were felt in the first 24 hours. I felt a greater equanimity while driving in the city. As a few days passed, I noticed that I procrastinated much less. In fact, I finished my dissertation in 2 months when I had anticipated it would take another year. I discovered I had more energy and enthusiasm in completing the work" B. Callahan, Professor, MA

"The Shield has given me much more energy to create confidence in myself. Finding my purpose (things are miraculously becoming clearer). I notice that some sort of energy is flowing and almost that I am becoming one with my energy Shield." I. Simon, MA (Educ). Teacher of pupils & newly qualified teachers, Programme Designer, England



Salespeople - & others who interact with the public

"I notice when I'm selling at large shows or festivals I feel better on Sunday than I ever have. I used to be beat and it would take me a day or two to unwind and re - center. When I wear the Shield I pick up less of the city - pace, negative energies some people carry around with them. I seem to retain my own space in a crowded, fast paced situation." G. Mann, Artist, CA



Business Owners, Managers/Executives/Consultants

"I now have a consistent energy level and feel much calmer."
T. Parker, Training Director/Cigna Insurance

"Life definitely is more enjoyable! I have more energy, am more relaxed, and pressure is not as noticeable. I can concentrate better. Life just isn't as stressful."
Rita Hansen, Assistant to President of Permanent Log Homes Co., Billings, MT

"I am calmer and less stressed even when I have so many things to do I don't know where to start. If I forget to wear it I notice it, especially if I am using electrical things such as clippers or the microwave. I believe it helps me be clearer and focus on the big picture instead of little ones."
S. Frienson, Dog Groomer, MT

"My energy level "smoothed out". I seem to have a consistent energy level instead of so much "up and down". Before I got my Shield I was experiencing a periodic high pitched "whine" sound. Within a day of wearing the Shield, the sound stopped and I have felt much calmer."
T. Parker, Training Consultant for Insurance Co., PA

"I seem to have weathered a 10 - hour time change with a minimum of jet lag in both directions. While I am getting a lot less sleep per night, my energy has not flagged. My thinking is clear, and calm, not irritable. During the last 2 months I have been closely exposed to many, many people who have had colds and flu. In spite of being extremely busy, in spite of having taken a grueling trip to Israel and back, and in spite of having to endure a difficult and stressful home life, I have not had one day of illness since wearing the Shield. I am flabbergasted!"
S. Bayne, Attorney/Mother, CA

"Greater energy level. Better concentration. Ability to focus on the task at hand. When my 2 month old baby was diagnosed with a life threatening condition and hospitalized for a week I seemed to be able to take it in stride. I am generally a very emotional person. I was amazed at my calmness. In general my emotions seem to be better in control. I usually suffer PMS and even that does not seem so severe."
S. Kerr, Own and Operate Picture Framing Business, M.

"More energy immediately/more even throughout the day, in general. I feel stronger. Since moving to Ca. (11/91)I was disoriented and unsettled much of the time. Since wearing the Shield (4/92) I am much more settled and directed. Moods have been more consistent. I have a stronger sense of my competencies and what I can accomplish. I have been speaking what's on my mind more; instead of getting resentful. And I have taken steps to move forward in areas where I was not taking action and suffering. Therefore, I have more freedom and am having more fun!"
S. Zeman - Ostuni, Dir. of Business Development, CA



Health Professionals - Doctors, Therapists, Nurses

"I have a higher more productive energy level"
S. Pike, Optometrist

"Did not notice much at first but when I did not wear it one day there was noticeable leg and feet tension. Since wearing it I have had no feet/leg cramps at night."
L. Kovalenko, Occupational Therapist, WA

"My energy level used to vary markedly during the day. During the two weeks I've been wearing the Shield, my energy level and stamina have evened out remarkably so I can function longer and more effectively."
Patty Fischer , Certified Massage Therapist

"It brings me much comfort, reduces stress."
L. Lazarus, Medical Student

"Definite changes in fatigue level, stress level, and thinking. The feeling is one of subtle change that avoids the usual pitfalls associated with frequent airplane travel."
Dr. J. Donofrio, Chiropractic Physician, NY

"I noticed after a 2.5 hour trip to the mall coming home and not feeling quite as "sucked out" as I normally would have not wearing the Shield."
M.Thompson, Acupuncturist, CO

"If I don't wear it , I feel out of sync; things don't seem to go as well."
J.Koomar, Occupational Therapist, MA

"I usually don't notice it when I wear the Shield, but I do notice the difference when I don't wear it, usually a drop in energy level and feeling tired more easily."
J. Blank, Sports Massage Therapist, WA

"In the past I have always making mountains out of molehills and expected the worse to happen. Now this doesn't happen anymore. I am relaxing more and not under as much stress that everything must be done now. I'm not like Scarlet O'Hara in putting things off until tomorrow, but better able to space the jobs and priorities. My energy level is up, but not uncontrollable."
M. Spicer, Retired, MT

"I have had the Shield for two years. Iíve noticed: increased energy; good in negative environments; good in negative situations with negative people (makes them walk away); good for protection when healing other or am healing; makes me feel happier; makes me feel protected and safe; stops others draining me of energy." Kim Guring, London




"The difference in my energy level and mood is remarkable. I am less stressed by personalities at work. I even get more personal space in the subway! That old computer fatigue is a thing of the past. My Mother recently passed away after a long illness. I felt the Shield helped me stay more centered in the hubbub at the hospital so I could be more fully with her. These last few weeks have been an emotional time, yet somehow the Shield made me feel more secure and protected. I have been able to feel more fully the sorrow and the joys of my life without the worry of what a vulnerable emotional state can attract in a city like New York." Andrea G., New York

"Since wearing my Shield for the last year I have felt much more centered and calm, as though something is protecting my well-being. I wear it all the time that Iím up and about only taking it off to sleep. It is more powerful now that when I first wore it as though it has "tuned into" me." Angie Broookene, London, England

"My life has changed! I am so much more relaxed at work, in my relationships and at home. Iím calmer and less stressed out." Annie Callingham Guildford, London

"More physical energy-more mental clarity, alertness and enthusiasm-more focused and balanced and positive." Sandra Dean, Meopham, Kent, UK

"After suffering a severe attack of the fatal disease, Blastomycosis Dermatitidis, my immune system was completely down. Two doctors admitted failure to restore it. When I put on my BioElectric Shield in just hours I had restored energy and function of the adrenal glands! In a short time I was able to resume teaching classes three times a week and do extensive medical research & development of the materials I use. Immune function is restored, fatigue is gone. My future looks long and bright thanks to my BioElectric Shield." Edith Medhurst, 84 years young

"I love my Shield. I never leave home without it! I consider myself a pretty balanced person. I take care of my body and spirit at all times (yoga, meditation, good nutrition). Since I have been wearing the Shield, I feel my positive energies are even more anchored in. It provides a clear kind of field around me that enhances my already positive outlook. Negativity can be dealt with in a clear, balanced way." Phyllis Aroner, Artist

"I notice soon after I first started wearing the Shield my energy "bounce back" after working all day in the office was quicker and to a higher level."

"My urge to smoke cigarettes is greatly diminished since the use of the Shield."

"When traveling much more settled in strange surroundings, better sleep than usual for a new bed and city noises."

"The Shield has helped me maintain a sense of presence, stay focused, and drive long distances without tiring." Name withheld by request. MA

"I've worn the BioElectric shield for 2 years. From the outset I have always been aware of the extra boost that the Shield gives both to my body and my mind. Plus it has always been an admired piece of jewelry" Tim Wheater, Musician

"From the moment I put it on, all the heavy stuff was lifted off. I began to feel enthusiasm about work and others things I've been putting off. I've It's as if all the negative stuff that was affecting me is gone so I can be me. It's as if the fear is gone, I've taken the "control" away from the fear, so it's just a problem not a monster stopping me from acting." Jackie Siffleet

"I have had my Shield for almost a year and refuse to live without anymore, despite mockery, jokes and teasing! I donít care how it works, I only know it does work. Iíve spent years of my life in and out of bed, both at home and in the hospital, with various and sundry chronic respiratory problems. Since wearing the Shield, I havenít once had a cold or cough, let alone bronchitis or pneumonia. Plus I feel great! Blessings on you!" Jennifer Miller, Seattle

"After putting on a BioElectric Shield, I had a great day. Things were so easy. In conversations, I listened instead of being unfocused. My timing is better. It's amazing! I moved throughout the day more efficiently and felt a wonderful sense of well-being. " Suzy Kranitz

"Brought down to physical by the vibration of my essence. I have the feeling of my true self and being able to stand up for myself in everyday life situations." Ania Golda

"People have been trying to get me to slow down for years - to no avail. The Shield did it in under two weeks!"

"While I wouldn't say the Shield completely protects you from the bad vibes of the allegedly "cold cruel world," it certainly helps you recover quicker from encounters with angry/frustrated people, tight deadlines and freezing weather in the middle of April. " D. Bliss




"Just returned from China, 8, 872 miles from home. Started Monday at 7:30 AM arrived at 9:15 AM same day Boston time! No jet lag for me, I wore my Shield." CWB, Boston

"When travelling much more settled in strange surroundings, better sleep than usual for a new bed and city noises." Jane H.

"I recently took a cross-country trip. On the way out, without the Shield I was fatigued, had trouble sleeping more than 3 to 4 hours a night, and frequently stopped for coffee to keep myself awake. Before coming home, I purchased a Shield and noticed a difference driving home. I was alert. I had no problems sleeping at night and could drive for longer intervals without taking a break. My weight is stable! Emotional and physical energies have leveled out."
Patricia Tarkoy, Writer, Boston, MA

"After two days wearing the Shield, I noticed my skin was clearing up nicely and I felt less restless in my everyday activities. Probably the most dramatic experience I have had with the Shield is in long distance travel. I suffer badly from jet-lag, especially on flights of eight hours or more. Wearing the Shield virtually eliminated any sensation of jet-lag on my recent trans-Atlantic trip. I spent about eighty actual flight hours in eight days time. All my colleagues were completely wiped out, and I was still functioning pretty well. The best part was that whenever I laid my head down to sleep-I slept. Dan

"I have been travel sick most of my life, and since using this BioElectric Shield I have traveled to the north of England and back in one day, twice, and there has been no discomfort at all-both in coach and train." Thelma Welham, Sussex, England



More comments on improved health, calmness, less stress, etc.

"I notice soon after I first started wearing the Shield my energy "bounce back" after working all day in the office was quicker and to a higher level."

"I bought a Shield for myself and my husband. We were skeptical at first. But after just one week, we would not be without it. An energy level increase of over 50%" A. Biggs, UK

"In the 6 weeks since having the Shield I have gained energy- especially brighter in the morning when I previously was so drained. I also have found I am much more balanced when dealing with people who previously stressed me. I believe the Shield is helping me recover from the accumulated effects of electro-magnetic radiation as well." Susan Harper, London, England

"After wearing the Shield for just a few minutes I moved from a feeling of tension and anxiety-environmental stress-to being relaxed, calm and centered-in the same environment!!! I look forward hugely to seeing the benefits this pendant will bring. Many thanks for your time and also excellent customer service." Colin Litster, UK



Letter from a Shield Wearer

Elisa Orozco
Mission Hills, CA

My Dear Friends,

Forgive the familiarity of this salutation but how else does one address a group of persons who have proved to be a literal answer to desperate prayers? I honestly can't think of your company as anything other than friends. I have been wearing my Bio Electric Shield for less than a month & I cannot believe the incredible difference it has made in my life!

I work for a major utility company in Los Angeles and my job necessitates my being in front of a computer seven hours a day. For the last ten months I had become aware of my energy and stamina levels steadily decreasing in spite of a low-fat, healthy diet and plenty of aerobic exercise. I was beginning to suspect that I might have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My annual series of colonic irrigations helped only temporarily this year whereas they had always boosted my energy/stamina level in the past. I knew the problem had to something that was effecting me on a daily basis. I pondered and pondered and prayed to be shown what to do to help myself feel better. I read about many alternative health treatments but I was left in a quandary as to which, if any, would be the answer to my problem. About a month before the Whole Life Expo was to be held in Pasadena, Calif this year, I saw a small advertisement for the Bio Electric shield in the catalogue. Something about the ad impressed me. I read it over and over, marked the page and determined to find your booth at the expo and get more information. As so often happens in life when something is meant to be, I couldn't get the thought of your ad out of my mind. Something told me that this was going to help me.

The day of the expo I met Carolyn who explained the shield to me. I explained my chronic, debilitating fatigue to her and the fact that I spend about 35 hours per week in front of a computer. When she told me she felt that the shield would help me, I wanted more than anything to believe her. When she told me to wear it for 30 days and return it if it didn't help, I could return it did believe her. I ran back to my two friends who had accompanied me to the expo and between us, we bought four shields.

I returned to work three days later full of hope and sporting my shield. At the end of the day I had noticeably more energy. The next day I went home from work virtually rejuvenated! I undertook chores and activities that I had not been able to do in months! I began to resent bed time because I still had energy to accomplish more, yet, I slept well. Now, some three weeks later, my energy level continuos to be remarkable. I constantly sing hosannas to the shield and I was happy to recently find your ad in an alternative health phone directory that is being distributed around L.A. I had the pleasure of introducing the shield to my colonic therapist who wants all available information for many of her clients who, like myself, are computer-zapped.

In closing I want to thank all of you a thousand times over for the incredible difference that you have made in my life. I asked God to show me what to do to help myself and He sure did; He led me to you. May He bless you mightily for the good that you are doing for people.

Thank you. In Love and Gratitude, Elissa



Letter from a Shield Wearer/Store Owner

Sacred Mountain
Vicki McKinney, Owner
Snohomish Washington

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to write and tell you about the incredible difference the BioShield has made in my life.

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. I had tried everything that I knew of to improve my quality of life. I worked in a Health food store and was well aware of supplements and alternatives to help deal with my ailments, and there are some things that helped. But nothing has helped as much as the BioShield. I noticed it the moment I put it on! Since I have wearing it I have increased energy and stamina. Since I own my own business and work 6 days a week I really need all the help I can get when it comes to getting through the week.

I have sold many BioShields to my customers and they are extremely happy with them. I had one customer remark that it made her feel like the first day of sunshine after 3 weeks of rain. The is a sense of wellbeing that comes with wearing the Shield that sometimes is hard to describe. In the 4 months since I started wearing it, I have only forgotten it twice. I noticed that I was much more fatigued at the end of those days.

Thank you again for creating such an amazing piece of jewelry. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to everyone!!


Vicki McKinney

Note to store owners: in under 6 months Vicki sold over 60 Shields from her small store in the country! She attributed this to her enthusiasm and the fact that people noticed the difference in her energy level and were anxious to find out what had made such a great difference for her.



Letter from a Shield Wearer/Former Therapist

Ken Proctor
Snohomish WA 98290


To put it simply, we're writing you because we have two of your shields, and they're great! It is the first time we've really found a product that works for us. For my partner, Sande, it is like a miracle of energy. She has had fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for years, and since getting her shield, has done work I haven't seen her able to do in a long, long time.

We're both former therapists, having practiced for twenty years. We've explored many aspects of health and healing, from psychological to physical and spiritual and in my places. A naturopathic healer had introduced us to grid stress last summer. I did some work around our home, and with others, with good results. However, it had limited success, especially now that I see what the shield does.

We're firm believers, and frankly, not easy push-overs for a method or tool. We've left as many behind as we've tried. We've never represented a product before because we've never wanted to support something we didn't strongly believe in. After for months with the Shields, we now have that belief.

If you are looking for personal representatives for the shield, let us know.

Most importantly, thanks for the Shield!!

Ken Proctor


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