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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the Shield Works?
Is it waterproof?
How does the Shield help with sensitivity to other peopleís energy?
Shouldnít I be able to protect myself?
Can the Shield be engraved?
Can children wear the Shield?
Does the Shield wear out?
International Shields- I live in another country, do I need a different Shield?
Does the Shield absorb negative energy?
Our Money-Back Guarantee
Do I have to wear it all the time?
What can I expect to feel wearing a Shield?
Can I wear the Shield with other energy devices, magnets, crystals or jewellery?
Does the Shield help me with stress?
Can I share the Shield with someone else?
I donít wear jewellery
I donít feel the Shield Working
I got a headache or felt dizzy wearing the Shield
Does the Shield keep me "stuck" at one frequency?
Does 14K gold affect the Shieldís strength?
I'm still not sure if the Shield is for me

We often are asked "Why is the Shield so expensive?"

The Shield starts at $349.95 and it does come with a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. The Shield will last you an entire lifetime and benefits you in many ways. Over the long term the Shield is a remarkable "bargain".

If the Shield does boost your immune system so that you get sick less or not at all, or if you are not as affected by other peopleís stress, or if you simply have a greater feeling of focus and well-being, what price would you place on this? Letís look at it this way. The Shield is not a gadget that you keep for a few months and then put in a drawer. Of our thousands of customers, many have had them for 5 or more years...and this comes out to less than a penny a day! Are you willing to risk this amount to find out if the Shield will make the kind of difference for you that itís made for thousands of other people?

We all have our own intuition. I trust that you will know when, and if, the Shield is the answer that you are looking for to some of your concerns. The best part is you are risking nothing. Why not try it and find out for yourself?

Over all, people have told us that the Shield has helped them be much less stressed, more productive, more focused and have more fun! Wearing a Shield, people are more at peace with themselves and their world.

When you purchase a Shield, you receiving a pendant that balances and strengthens you energy field 24 hours a day! How many products do you know that can greatly help you every minute of your life?


I'm still not sure if the Shield is for me

We all have our own intuition. I trust that you will know when, and if, the Shield is the answer that you are looking for to some of your concerns. The best part is you are risking nothing. Why not try it and find out for yourself?


How Do I Know The Shield Works?

We know the Shield works for any and all of the following reasons:

1. The research

2. Customer Testimonials

3. Even though we have an unconditional money back guarantee we get less than 1% of the Shields returned-and this has been true every year we have been in business.

4. Consistent repeat business from customers who buy for friends and family.


What Can I Expect to feel Wearing a Shield?

The Shield is an subtle energy device and what you notice will depend on your sensitivity and awareness of electromagnetic frequencies around you, the people you interact with and your threshold of stress. About 70% of Shield wearers report noticeable changes including, but not limited to: more energy, increased focus and perception, reduction in stress levels, or noticing that they release stressful situations easier, relief from physical sensations, feeling they are more centered, not as impacted by otherís negativity and generally feeling a sense of well being.

One in 3 people are not aware of the balancing or the protection. There are 3 main reasons for this:

1. If a person is already balanced and healthy, it is very unlikely they will feel significantly different. After all, if you have 20/20 vision, using good lighting will help you maintain that acuity most likely, but you wonít suddenly have better than 20/20. Same with the Shield, if you feel ok, the Shield is preventive, not curative.

2. If someone is out of balance, they may not know it. Not everyone is sensitive to energy or organ changes. When the last time you tuned into your liver or lung or immune system, most of us aren't aware we are out of balance until we are actually sick.

3. Some people donít feel a difference any longer and wonder if perhaps their Shield isnít working. This is because they are so used to the energy of the Shield. Often when they first start wearing it during the initial balancing process they feel a lot of energy, but after a while they donít feel much. This doesnít mean the Shield isnít working, it simply means that new changes are no longer happening. For many people, if they were to quit wearing it for a time, they would then notice the difference in how they feel. Some people donít really notice the subtle changes the Shield makes, but if they ask those around them find that otherís have noticed a difference.

Not everyone feels a noticeable difference wearing the Shield. Our research has shown that even when this is the case there is a measurable difference in how the organs are functioning or the overall strength and balance of the body. The Shield is a subtle energy device and for some the changes are dramatic, for others they can be very subtle and hard to pin point.

When we did the acupuncture research, we found out that this sophisticated testing machine (a $20,000 device) would pick up changes in immune system functioning, brain, liver etc. functioning, but the person being tested never noticed a thing! They all liked the overall experience of wearing the Shield, but couldnít tell us their immune system was working better. Itís like having blood work done-you wouldnít have a clue that your red blood cell count was 20 points different sometimes. We have to use more sensitive instruments to learn some things about our bodies.

Because the Shield works at the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level, all kinds of changes can gradually occur when a person is wearing a Shield, BUT some people donít think the Shield has anything to do with the changes!! This is particularly true with things like handling stress better, being more detached and neutral about events that previously triggered a person, having a better sense of humor, having better mental clarity or memory. Most people like to think that they are just so innately wonderful that all these changes are just the "real" them coming out. Well, maybe... but after hundreds of people speaking to us about the many emotional and mental changes, we strongly suspect the Shield has a lot to do with it.

A good example of this is the accounting firm who bought several shield. The main CPA noticed huge changes, less stress during the tax season, greater energy, better mood. He was thrilled. His partner grumbled around and complained after 2 months that "the Shield isnít doing anything, Iím going to send it back".. His 2 secretaries of 14 years turned around and said to him: "Oh, no youíre NOT. Youíre less stressed and easier to work with than you have been in years. Itís helping you a lot!". He sheepishly just nodded his head and kept his Shield. The point is obvious-he didnít notice a thing. Others noticed a great deal.

The Shield is not a "miracle"...this isnít a drug...itís a subtle energy device that works for 98% of the population. It works in a subtle, powerful way...but some of us are not aware of subtle energy changes. Ten research studies have documented the effectiveness of the Shield (see research studies pages.) Additionally, we have tested more than 14,000 at trade shows. Of this group, approximately 98% are weakened by either electromagnetic radiation or by thinking about a stressful situation. Of this group, the Shield helps nearly 100%. The remaining 2% of people who do not show a weakening effect from electromagnetic radiation might not have a problem with it, or it may not show in our testing. We donít know. We do know...the Shield helps the majority of people on this planet.


Do I have to wear it all the time?

No, we suggest you use your intuition about how much to use the Shield. Some people wear it all the time, others only during the day or in certain circumstances (working with computers,when feeling especially stressed, being around people etc.).


Is it waterproof?

Yes it is, however we do not recommend wearing it in a chlorinated hot tub or swimming pool because sterling silver will tarnish when exposed to enough chlorine. Shower/bath water is fine.


Can I wear the Shield with other energy devices, magnets, or crystals, or jewellery?

Yes, you can. The Shield will actually balance other crystals, jewellery, magnets or other energy devices that are worn on the body.


I am sensitive to other peopleís energies (or sensitive to energy in general) - how does the Shield help with this? How does the Shield actually protect a person from other peopleís energies?

1. The Shield balances and strengthens your energy so that usually you are more resistant to other peopleís energy if they are not in harmony with your energy.

2. The Shield weaves a vortex of your own energy around you that is so strong that other energies, not compatible with yours, will go around you (about 90% on average). This allows you to be much stronger in your own energy and to establish much healthier boundaries for yourself. It also tends to make difficult situations easier to deal with because you can then respond to what is being said, rather than react to the energy coming at you. (Whether you know it or not, a person who who is angry with you or who is simply being negative is putting out an energy that can have adverse affects on you.) The Shield helps you stay more centered in your own energy so that you arenít constantly fighting against other less positive energies. Many people find when that wearing a Shield it is easier for them to establish healthy boundaries with regards to other people and the demands that are placed on them.


How does the Shield work to help me with stress?

Yes! It works for two reasons.

1. Many of the environmental stresses have been reduced so your body is not already under the stress from the EMR's and other peopleís energies.

2. The Shield acts as an energy balancer. Normally when you are under stress your energy becomes scattered and unfocused, making an already difficult situation even more so.Your energy basically is running away from you looking for dragons to fight. With the Shield, your energy stays more centered and focused, leaving more energy available for both your body and your mental processes as well.

When we do stress tests with people, there is often a dramatic difference in their response to stress when they are holding a Shield. Weíve even had people state that while holding the Shield they could no longer even find the situation that they had just been visualizing. We also have many testimonials from people stating that they are feeling much more focused and less stressed. (see quotes)


What if I donít want to have to depend on an outside force to protect me? Shouldnít I be able to do this myself?

Many people wear their Shields continuously, but others will take them off for a month or more. Then, intuitively they will put them back on again. The Shield strengthens you energy field so much that at times you will not actually need to wear it.

We have noticed that many people benefit greatly from the assistance of the Shield as they are learning to balance their energy and to establish healthier boundaries. In many ways the Shield is like "training wheels" for your energy field. Over time your energy learns what it is to be balanced and centered and you can begin to more readily tell when you are "off" or when your boundaries arenít holding up. Some people after wearing the Shield for a period of time (usually 1-3 years) find they wear it less and less as time goes by and feel just as strong without it. Then occasionally they will go through a period of adjustment or stress and intuitively begin wearing the Shield again until things are back in balance. Again, use your intuition about what is right for you. Also, many people wear it for travel,working on their computers or difficult situations only.


Can I share it with someone or give it to someone after I have worn it for a while?

The Shield patterns to your energy field in just a matter of hours, and so if you gave it to someone it could actually be uncomfortable for them, if your frequency was quite different from theirs. You can let them hold it, or do a muscle test with it (if you are trained in doing applied kinesiological testing correctly we can supply you with the correct directions for testing the Shield.) If you are upgrading to a 14K gold, or gold tab Shield and wish to give your old Shield to someone, or are passing on your Shield for any other reason, you can clear the energy by hanging the Shield in a window for a week.


Can the Shield be engraved?

Yes, within limits. We have specific guidelines to make sure the design doesnít interfere with the energy of the Shield.There are certain designs which will skew and ruin the effectiveness of the Shield. To be sure, please call and discuss it with us or mail in a copy of design.


Iíd like to get one for my partner but they wonít wear jewellery-is there any other option?

He/She can simply carry the Shield in a pocket. The ideal for the Shield is over the heart, it works easiest and most efficiently there. But it is still doing itís job while in the pocket. You can put it on the night stand next to their side of the bed and as long as it is within three feet of them, it is in their energy field and balancing and strengthening them as they sleep.


Can my child wear one?

Yes, we find that some children are very attracted to their parentís Shield, and try to actually grab it and put it on (the younger ones). If your child seems to want to wear a Shield, we suggest that you make one available to them to wear at home until they are old enough not to lose it when they are out of the house! Or some parents tell me that their children hang it on a bed post and it stays there all the time. Sleeping with it works very well for children since it has a residual effect during the day. We have made them for 3 years old and up - and they put them on and take them off intuitively...which is why itís good to keep the Shield inside the home environment. When they are old enough to wear a Shield responsibly, then they are also at the age where they are working with computers at school - and this is a great time to protect your child. Some parents report pinning the Shield to their childís backpack or in their pants pockets with great success.


What if I donít still FEEL the Shield working?

Some people donít feel a difference any longer and wonder if perhaps their Shield isnít working. This is because they are so used to the energy of the Shield. Often when they first start wearing it during the initial balancing process they feel a lot of energy, but after a while they donít feel much. This doesnít mean the Shield isnít working, it simply means that new changes are no longer happening. For many people, if they were to quit wearing it for a time, they would then notice the difference in how they feel.

The Shield can get depleted when you are in a high stress situation, but it has a self charging mechanism up to a point. If you have had your Shield for more than a year and have not been following the monthly schedule, and you are wondering if it needs to be recharged, you probably are intuitively picking up that itís time for a "tune-up". First try hanging it in sunlight for a couple days and see if that makes a difference. If it doesnít, we suggest that you send it in for recharging. You can also have someone do the muscle testing with you to see if the Shield is working to capacity. To muscle test-have someone trained in doing applied kinesiology do the testing (we can supply directions for this to trained practitioners). For the test you do a pretest, then retest by either: imagining a stressful situation or holding up a battery operated watch or cell phone and retesting. Finally hold the Shield and retest again. If you test weak even with the Shield, itís time for a revitalization.


Do they wear out?

Not if you recharge them regularly. To recharge the Shield yourself and keep it working at peak efficiency, hang it in daylight (sunny or cloudy) for at least 6 hours a month. (day light through a window is fine, but outside is even better!) (This cannot be done while wearing the Shield in the sun, it needs to be off your body-hanging free so there is space around it.) This will re-energize the crystals in the Shield. The crystals in the Shield are constantly working and begin to get fatigued. Physicists have been recharging crystals through various methods for years, but we know that sun light will work perfectly for the Shield.

Please be sure to tell people about the recharging, if a Shield is allowed to reach a totally depleted state, it cannot be revitalized. ( We are the only ones who can determine if the Shield is totally depleted. If you are unsure about your Shield, send it to us for recharging, but also ask to have it checked by our consultant.) Customers who follow this maintenance schedule on their Shields seem MUCH happier and more satisfied with their Shields than those who donít bother to do this- so we really recommend it. And the truth is, if you never recharge a Shield, eventually the crystals will wear out, and not be able to be recharged-so make sure they understand the importance of charging it.


How do I get my Shield revitalized, if I donít do the monthly process?

If the Shield is hung in daylight (sunny or cloudy) at least once a month (hang in a window or outside for at least 6 hours) then it will stay fully charged, forever! If you leave it more than a day this wonít hurt it-it canít get "overcharged".


What are"International Shields"?

Different regions of the world have different energy needs. Weíve developed Shields to specifically meet the needs of each area. If you are travelling or living in an area outside of North America for less than a year, your regular (North American) Shield is fine, but if you are going to another continent for over a year then we recommend getting one designed for that region. If you live in another country, you need to order a Shield for that area.


I got a headache (or felt dizzy, etc.) wearing the Shield?

When you begin wearing the Shield, your energy goes through a re-balancing process. Some people who are extremely sensitive to energy may feel this as physical discomfort. If you are experiencing uncomfortable sensations, wear the Shield for short periods of time to slow the re-balancing process. If you still experience discomfort, there is a slight possibility that the regular configuration is too strong for you and you may not need to wear it all the time to get the benefits. Try hanging it on a bed post, or keep it on your night stand, and see how this works for you.


Can the Shield be worn during pregnancy?

Yes! Because the Shield strengthens a personís entire energy field, this means that it is excellent to wear the Shield during pregnancy. Our acupuncture research showed that the immune system, and all body organs and systems were strengthened by wearing the Shield. During pregnancy, a woman may need extra strength and a balanced energy field. Because the fetus and Mother are cohabiting the same body, the Shield will be balancing the fetus as well.


Can the Shield "fix" my energy at one frequency?

No, the Shield contains not just one crystal, but a specific configuration of crystals. Because of this the Shield behaves differently from a single crystal.The Shield comes at a balanced frequency band. When you first put on a Shield,your frequency will be somewhere within that band. The Shield will find your specific frequency within 12 hours. When you put two tuning forks together who are within a half a note of each other, they will tune to the same note within a short period of time. The Shield will always tune to your energy, and then help balance and strengthen it, even as you change over the years. It NEVER fixes your frequency. There is one company who is saying this about the Shield as a selling point for their product, and it is blatantly untrue.


Will a Shield Absorb Negative Energy?

NO. When a person buys a single crystal, it comes at one frequency and will absorb energy. Then the single crystal has to be cleansed with sea water or the sun. The Bio Electric Shield DOES NOT ABSORB ENERGY. When it is on you, it is in the "protect and balance" mode, balancing and strengthening your energy field, and deflecting any energy not compatible with you. Therefore, it isnít ever going to absorb negative energy. In order for it to recharge itself, you hang it in a window or outside. The Shield is now on input, and will accept the recharge, the way a battery also needs recharging. (See above for more information on recharging)


Is the all 14k gold Shield or the silver with 14k gold accents any stronger than the silver Shield?

The silver Shield with 14k gold tabs effectively spreads out the energy that is being generated by the crystal/magnet matrix. The placement of the 5 gold tabs is critical in performing this "expansion" of the energy. By doing this, you get approximately 15% more strengthening and balancing than the standard silver and brass tab Shield. This shield is highly recommended for individuals who feel they are sensitive, and want the added balance and protection.

The all gold 14k Shield is the most powerful product we offer. Because the gold offers a finer, stronger translation of the crystal/magnet matrix, the wearer enjoys a 50% more balancing and strengthening Shield than the standard Shield. Many people wearing an all gold Shield notice a wonderful opening, strengthening and balancing in the heart chakra. We recommend it to anyone who can make this investment. The return to the wearer is immense, and immeasurable. All customers wearing gold shields are absolutely thrilled with them.


Our Money Back Guarantee The Shield can be returned as part of our unconditional 90 day money back guarantee.

Before returning the Shield we want to remind you: If you wanted to feel something subjectively,you may not notice a difference, research has shown the benefits do occur, frequently without subjective awareness. This is particularly true when you consider the acupuncture research found changes in the body organs, liver, kidney, etc.

When was the last time you noticed your kidney, subjectively?? We suggest you try the Shield another 30 days, and ask the people around you if THEY notice any changes. Many times a person will become less stressed out, easy to be with, and they are not aware of it- BUT ask your family or co-workers and you get a very clear report! Also many of us donít notice subtle improvements, but if you take the Shield off for a few days you might notice that you donít feel as good as when wearing the Shield. Even if you don't notice subjective changes, the Shield is assisting you both physically and energetically.


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