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The BioElectric Shield
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The Shield can be returned as part of our 90 day money back guarantee. Before returning the Shield we want to remind you: If you wanted to feel something subjectively,you may not notice a difference, research has shown the benefits to occur, frequently without subjective awareness. This is particularly true when you consider the acupuncture research found changes in the body organs, liver, kidney, etc. When was the last time you noticed your kidney, subjectively??

We suggest you try the Shield another 30 days, and ask the people around you if THEY notice any changes. Many times a person will become less stressed out, easy to be with, and they are not aware of it- BUT ask your family or co-workers and you get a very clear report! Also many of us donít notice subtle improvements, but if you take the Shield off for a few days you might notice that you donít feel as good as when wearing the Shield. Even if you don't notice subjective changes, the Shield is assisting you both physically and energetically.


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