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The BioElectric Shield
How does it work? | Crystal Technology | Your Energy Field | What can I expect? | EMF's

How does it work?

By deflecting and redirecting energies that impinge on you from your environment

By reinforcing your own natural energies so they are much less susceptible to outside disturbance

The BioElectric Shield Crystal Technology

The BioElectric Shield is composed of a matrix of precision cut quartz (and other) crystals designed to balance and strengthen your natural energy field. Max von Laue won a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1914 by showing that x-rays could be reflected and redirected with a zinc- sulfide crystal (ZnS), in much the same way as mirrors are used to reflect and redirect visible light. William Bragg won the Nobel Prize in 1915 for establishing "Bragg's Law" which determines the specific crystal spacing (i.e. the specific lattice spacing) needed to reflect and redirect any type of electromagnetic energy. Since then, scientists have used natural crystals to reflect and redirect other types of electromagnetic radiation (like gamma rays).

Modern science also has made extensive use of the fact that different crystals "resonate" at different frequencies. The first short-wave radios and electric watches were made of quartz crystals, because quartz amplifies and stabilizes only certain fixed frequencies of vibration. For the same reason, the first lasers were made from rubies.

The Shield strengthens your energy field in two ways:

How It Interacts with Your Energy Field

The BioElectric Shield contains a specific configuration of quartz and other crystals which work in 4 ways with your own energy field.

The Shield first deflects those energies (electromagnetic radiation and other people's energy) which are not compatible with you, secondly it assists your energy in maintaining it's normal healthy frequency.

The Shield weaves throughout your energy field, balancing and strengthening your entire energy field: (Figure A)

 mental   physical   emotional   spiritual

This balancing effect assists in reducing our reactions to stress. Normally when under stress your energy field becomes scattered and out of balance. The Shield helps bring your energy back to "center" and rebalances, so it is much easier to let go of the stress.

After 24 hours, at the outer edge of the "cocoon", the Shield patterns your energy in a spinning vortex. (Figure B) This spinning vortex is at your exact frequency so that any energy that is not compatible with you-be it from a person place or thing (computer, cell phone)-is forced to go around you. Physicists have shown that energy has to take the path of least resistance. The Shield’s energy field, in combination with yours, is so strong that when an energy that is not compatible with you hits the vortex it goes around you, like water going around a rock in a stream. (Figure C).

Inside the "Cocoon" of the Shield's vortex you are protected from all these forces (power lines, microwave towers, the city, other people's energy, computers, TVs, VCRs, Cell Phones, Hair Dryers, etc. )

So...the Shield strengthens you, and it also deflects harmful energy away from you. Take the Quiz

Research has shown most people to be physically stronger when wearing a Shield. See Research Summary for more information.

What can I expect wearing a Shield?

Not everyone feels a noticeable difference wearing the Shield. Our research has shown that even when this is the case there is a measurable difference in how the organs are functioning or the overall strength and balance of the body. After all how many of us are aware of the subtle changes in our bodies, usually we only notice them when we become ill. The Shield is a subtle energy device and for some the changes are dramatic, for others they can be very subtle and hard to pin point. Many people simply feel things are a little easier and less stressful. See Customer Comments for more information about the benefits noted by Shield Wearers.

Just to make it easy, the company has an unconditional guarantee. You buy a Shield, and if for any reason you are dissatisfied, return the Shield and you get your money back. We do this because we know what a difference the Shield can make and we want to give you a chance to find out for yourself. Are you willing to try something that could (change your stress level, change your life, change your energy.....) Take the Quiz

How does the Shield actually protect a person from the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF's)?

Early on, Dr. Brown took the Shield to a consultant he had used for many years with some of his puzzling medical cases. This consultant is from a family of special abilities. For the past five generations, one member of the family has been born with an eye structure which gives them the ability to see the energy field (aura) in great detail. From an early age she got training from her father, who was a doctor. They have made a science out of interpreting what different colors and shapes meant in a person's energy field and are able to precisely pinpoint the effects of changes in the energy field.

When we showed her the Shield she was able to describe how it interacted with the human body. She said that when a person wears the Shield, the balancing energy of the Shield weaves in and out of the person's energy field, balancing and strengthening the entire energy field. And that after they have worn it for a while, the Shield then weaves a vortex of energy around the person that is their energy, and that is so strong, that other energies which are not compatible with the person, simply go around them, taking the path of least resistance. She also told us that the Shield's own energy field looks like what the perfectly balanced person would look like- if she ever saw such a person! This balancing energy actually blends with the wearer, and helps the person become more energetically balanced- which then translates into a more balance in the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of their life.


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