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The BioElectric Shield
The Research Behind It

Our company has performed 10 research studies since 1990. In the past, we have written these up in rather technical language, yet most people reading about the Shield want to know the "bottom line" plain English results. The following is a less technical, but informative summary of our studies.

For 5000 years the Chinese have used acupuncture point measurement as an accurate measure of a person's health. For this research we used a computerized acupuncture testing device which showed that after wearing a Shield for 3 weeks there were documented improvements in the immune system, kidney, liver, gall bladder, allergy points, stomach, allergy points, in summary, the body organs and systems.

In two controlled studies, the placebo effect was investigated by two doctors , one in Montana, and one in Pennsylvania. They both found that the authentic Shield strengthened 50 patients but the placebo shield did not strengthen anyone. This showed that the effects of the shield are NOT psychological!

There are many sources of electromagnetic radiation ranging from what we consider minor sources such as a battery, to a cell phone, or a computer, more significant radiation. These three devices all radiate 60 hertz frequency waves. In two studies using a battery operated watch, 50 patients were tested. When the watch was held in the heart area, 49 out of 50 people showed a drop in muscle strength. All 49 regained their original level of muscle strength after placing a Shield on their chest for only one minute.

Over 12,000 customers have been tested at trade shows in a similar manner. We pretest them for muscle strength and then they hold a cell phone as if they are making a call. 98% of the population is significantly weakened just by holding the cell phone! Once they add a Shield to their chest, their strength is restored, much to their amazement- but not ours. This means that of 12,000 people, 11,760 are weakened by the phone, and of that group, 11,524 are strengthened. That's a large research sample!

The company president is an Occupational Therapist. She wanted to test people using a finger strength device used in hospital OT departments. She pretested 50 people using a dynamometer. Then she post-tested them after they wore a Shield for only a minute. She noted that 2/3 of the people showed a 24% increase in dynameter measured finger strength after this one minute wearing a Shield. She also wanted to test people who visualized stress, another area dealt with routinely by Occupational Therapists. She pretested the opponens muscle in the hand of 50 volunteers. Then they were asked to visualize a stressful situation. Upon retesting she found that 47 of the 50 volunteers had significantly weakened hand strength. After wearing a Shield for only one minute, all 47 volunteers regained their strength while still visualizing the very same stressful situation that weakened them before! Conclusion: the Shield counteracted stress for these volunteers.

A pioneer in sound healing, Sharry Edwards, PhD., offered to test 3 of her patients without a shield, and then after wearing a shield for only 5 minutes. She found that all three of their voice patterns went into "perfect resonance" after only 5 minutes. She stated this was "unheard of, and most impressive, demonstrating the balancing and strengthening effect the Shield has on the human body".

Research Study: Computerized Myography, Electromagnetic Fields and the Bio Electric Shield

The Bio Electric Shield was researched for effectiveness in a study "Computerized Myography, Electromagnetic Fields and the Bio Electric Shield". Computerized myography is the computerized reading of muscle strength. The use of the computer to record muscle strength to the .2 pound accuracy insures consistency, reproducibility and objective quantification of the muscle strengths. This particular medical device, the Compufet, is used in hospitals and clinics all over the world.

Research showed an average drop in muscle strength of 16.89% after a person sits in front of a computer monitor for only 5 minutes. Conversely, after then wearing the Bio Electric Shield, still sitting in front of the computer monitor for another 5 minutes, strength was improved by 44.16%. All 25 subjects showed improved strength after wearing the Shield for only 5 minutes. Of the 25 research subjects, 21 even showed muscle strength beyond their original, initial reading (Prior to being weakened by the computer).

This demonstrates that not only does the Shield negate much (if not all, for many people) of the effects of electromagnetic radiation, but it additionally strengthens the body beyond what it would be without wearing the Bio Electric Shield. The Shield consistently demonstrated this dramatic strengthening effect in only 5 minutes. When some of the research subjects were tested one hour after wearing the Shield, all of them showed an even greater increase in strength, thus confirming the hypothesis that the Shield effectiveness increases when worn for several hours rather than only 5 minutes. See below for graphs of this study.


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