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The BioElectric Shield
Know the Truth!

In order to make an intelligent choice or decision of any kind, wouldn't it be wise to research the facts first?

Anyone can make exciting claims. You have the responsibility to find out if they are true.
To help you make the right decision we present you with the facts:

The Bioshield is:

NOT plastic, mass-produced, machine made, or containing a battery or computer chip;

NOT generating any artificially created frequency (as in a computer chip or battery);

NOT like wearing one crystal, where negative energy is absorbed;

NOT a shield that will fix or lock in your energy at one frequency;

NOT ground-up crystals or one single crystal;

NOT a shield that needs clearing or to be sent in for recharging.

Unique in its effects, yet often copied and imitated, particularly our claims. Don't be fooled by words. Just because a device SAYS it does something means nothing. Ask for documented research both on physical and stress testing.

Hand-crafted by artisans in Montana and made form the finest natural materials from the earth, crystals, sterling silver, brass and 14k gold.

Configuration of natural, living crystals that resonate with you, change and grow with you, protecting, balancing and strengthening your natural energy field.

Charged in our own Crystal Room prior to shipping. NO other process can activate the Shield. Sunlight can maintain it once it is activated.

Compatible with other crystals, gems, magnets, energy balancing devices.

Is much stronger than magnets, but will enhance their effect.

Research proven by standard medical devices such as EMG's [electromyograph muscle graphing similar to electrocardiograms (EKG)], used by physicians, and other health professionals to combat stress and electromagnetic health effects.

Completely waterproof.

Manufacturers of similar products claim:
"Ours is cheaper and it works the same as a Shield". But they do not have 10 research studies to verify this. It comes down to this: You get what you pay for -- buy quality the first time -- it's always cheaper in the long run. you can buy this and that ... something that balances OR strengthens OR protects, but if You look at the research, the Shield is the only product that balances, strengthens and protects your energy field all in one product.

You Deserve Quality, You Deserve the Best


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