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The Bio Electric Shield
Its Development

The Shield was invented by Dr. Charles W. Brown, a Chiropractic Neurologist. For several years he observed that more patients were coming to him with symptoms of fatigue and stress. Most of these people worked with computers, or in offices.

After years of studying the research surrounding the possible effects of electromagnetic radiation, Dr. Brown decided that many of his patients were being affected by the radiation without realizing it. He wondered if repelling these frequencies which are so different from the human brain and earth frequency (which are in the same frequency band) would make them recover faster, and feel better.

In 1989, he had a series of waking dreams which intrigued him. A specific pattern of crystals appeared in the dreams, with slight changes to the pattern in each of 3 dreams. When he consulted with a physicist, he was told that crystal patterns are used in science and industry for several purposes including the refraction of specific frequencies including x-rays.

The second consultation was with a consultant who has the God-given ability to see the human aura in great detail. This skill has passed through this family since the 1500ís.Her knowledge of the body, in combination with her visual abilities allow her to observe the aura for signs of health, imbalance or illness. She explained that when you put on a shield it puts a "cocoon" of this energy around you. Inside the cocoon it blends with your energy, finding your exact frequency within the human frequency band. It balances and strengthens every aspect of your energy field: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. After 24 hours, at the outer edge of the cocoon, it patterns your energy in a spinning vortex. This spinning vortex is at your exact frequency so that any energy that is not compatible with you-be it from a person place or thing (computer, cell phone)- is forced to go around you.

After watching Dr. Brown and others stand in front of computer monitors, use cellular phones and microwaves, her conclusions matched what physicists learned in the 1920ís.The quartz and other crystals in the Shield serve to refract away not only x-rays, but also electromagnetic radiation or any other energies which may be harmful to a person.

Dr. Brown then began a series of 10 research studies, conducted by him and by other doctors and health professionals. The studies are explained later in this document, but they all substantiate the protective and strengthening effect of the Shield. Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison both received information in dreams, so we consider this set of dreams as a wonderful gift from the Universe-which we then substantiated with volumes of research. The Bio Electric Shield company was born in 1990-and has helped countless thousands to date.

For decades physicists have used crystals to refract specific frequencies-including those which are termed electromagnetic. Being a curious person, he decided to create several different configurations of crystals, and then test patient response to them. After several months of research, he found one pattern which significantly our performed the other patterns. We refer you to the research section for the specific results he found, and to the quotes section for life changes that have occurred for different Shield wearers.


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